Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Houston truck accident attorneys have been serving truck accident victims for over 35 years.  We have received a huge amount and awards from them for personal injury. Award-winning truck accident lawyers in Houston have held truck drivers and truck companies liable for serious injuries and damages. Mr. Baumgartner is nationally recognized as one of the most prominent attorneys in Texas. And truck accident award-winning lawyer Mr. Baumgartner has 2 degrees. And they are at the highest level ever.  Whenever someone has been seriously injured in a commercial vehicle accident, they are represented by our team.

Best Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

If your truck accident happened in the Houston area and you are injured, your first choice should be a truck accident attorney in Houston, which is a big and best step to protect your family.

Tips for the Best Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Experience: You need to find a truck accident lawyer with extensive experience in trucking litigation for the best results. You never want to work with a person who treats your case as a “learning experience”. You will want to work with the best lawyer.

Texas award-winning Houston Truck Accident Lawyer has been winning cases for over 35 years. And this winning record speaks volumes based on experience.

Results: In order to see the performance of the lawyer, in the cases of a truck accident lawyer you will also see the results that he got from his old clients in the past.

Trustworthy: You can choose a reliable lawyer with truck accident experience to sign any paperwork. So, before signing any contract, do your research and choose the best truck accident, lawyer.

Hire a Truck Accident Lawyers Houston TX

There are many careless actions by drivers and trucking companies that lead to truck accidents. The sooner you find an experienced truck accident and another commercial accident attorney, the better for you. Acting quickly after an injury will enable your lawyer to preserve evidence to improve your case.

Here are some questions you can ask the right truck accident lawyer in Texas.

  • FOCUS Of The Lawyer: A truck accident lawyer should have all the information. A truck accident lawyer focuses on liability, maintenance, and inspection defects, mechanical issues that affect the accident, and the involvement of people in the lawsuit. A lawyer gains this knowledge by trying cases. Due to these commercial truck accidents, victims get compensation.
  • The Lawyer Handled The Cases Before This: Different cases in Texas but Houston personal injury lawyer who has experience handling cases related to truck accidents. And he is not only familiar with Texas state laws, but also with federal laws that mandate maintenance, inspections, operations, and others.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Investigate Quickly In Houston

Truck accident lawyers in Texas are one of the few law firms that respond immediately to your accident investigation. The legal team has relationships with accident reconstruction professionals who can put them in a winning position by competing against insurance companies, and we provide a hands-on approach to ensure that all our clients get the medical care they need.

Get Maximum Compensation For Truck Accidents in Texas

The winning style has been tested because in 35 years we have not lost any truck accident cases. These are the multi-million dollar results of our personal injury lawyers that speak for themselves. And insurance carriers of many trucking companies know us well which allows us to solve many cases and fight to get more value from clients. And this is the reason why more cases of truck accidents come to us.

Truck Accidents Happens

Commercial trucking companies make money by delivering things on time. Late arrival of things will affect their income. Truck drivers usually value speed in order to make more profit. And there are two to four risks of death due to accidents due to high speed.

The truck driver should require special training regarding safety and follow specific traffic rules to establish safe behavior for both the driver and the company. But unfortunately, drivers and companies cut corners to earn more profit. And from all these two ends on the road put the lives of the people in trouble. Drivers try to drive commercial vehicles beyond the scheduled time due to which they get very tired. And some tractor-trailer collisions happen because they ignore all the rules that apply to all drivers.

The Leading Causes of Big Truck Wrecks

There are many reasons for the negligence of Houston Truck Accident Lawyer which are caused by truck drivers and trucking companies.

  • Speeding: Truck drivers drive trucks differently than normal vehicles. And it is difficult to control them when they are driving the truck fast. Trucks can only be driven by a professional driver. Be it a truck or an ordinary vehicle, speeding is an illegal act.
  • Don’t Use Drugs and Alcohol When Drive

Do not use alcohol, drugs, and prescription or non-prescription substances while driving as these can have disastrous consequences.

  • Defective equipment and poor maintenance

Many defects in the truck cause fatal accidents. Defective brakes, defective steering, improper trailer attachment, broken tires, transmission failure, and many other equipment malfunctions cause accidents.

  • Inexperience: Truck companies ignore safety rules and laws. And some truck companies allow inexperienced drivers to drive behind the wheel, which leads to major accidents.

Medical Care About A Truck Accident Attorney Houston

Medical Treatment: In case of a commercial accident, the affected person should get medical help immediately and should follow the doctor’s prescription. Never try to settle a personal injury claim with a trucking company before assessing your injuries.

Education of Drivers

The truck driving company should take appropriate measures so that the driver of one of their trucks is qualified to drive the vehicle. And it is very important for the driver to be qualified. So that they can avoid truck accidents.

Special Training: A truck driver needs special training to avoid hazards. An experienced 18-wheeler truck collision lawyer knows these rules and regulations.

The truck accident lawyer you choose should thoroughly understand federal safety regulations.

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